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Nana Belle in the news

Nana Belle opens boutique in Stony Point Fashion Park 


Midlothian-Based Entrepreneur Wins Battle of the Pop-Up Contest, Opens Nana Belle Boutique at Stony Point Fashion Park


RICHMOND, VA  — Sept. 6, 2018 — Local entrepreneur Charity Rose has won Stony Point Fashion Park’s Battle of the Pop-Up Contest. Her specialty clothing boutique, Nana Belle, will open in time for the holidays.

Little girls baby to 12 years old will delight in Rose’ boutique, where they will find frilly dresses that are perfect for today’s modern princesses, colorful tutus and jackets ranging from pretty pink to leather to camouflage.

“I am so grateful to be chosen for the Battle of the Pop-Up Contest,” said Rose, who has lived in Midlothian for six years. “It is an honor for someone else to believe in your dream as much as you do.”

Rose launched Nana Belle summer of 2016; in addition to an online store, she’s sold her popular styles at area events and gift shops. The clothing is designed and created in collaboration with Charity and team of junior designers. Stony Point Fashion Park will be her first brick-and-mortar location.

“We were absolutely enchanted by Charity and her Nana Belle boutique,” said Karen Alley, marketing director at Stony Point Fashion Park. “We can’t wait for the beautiful clothing and accessories to arrive.”

As the winner, Rose receives a space for six months, store fixtures, and free utilities. She’ll also get a merchandising package courtesy of Keith Fabry that includes interior signage, table-printed displays and graphic design services.

Nana Belle launches next to Brooks Brothers on November 1.


Biz Buzz: Nana Belle online boutique wins Stony Point mall pop-up contest

Midlothian resident Charity Rose started Nana Belle, an online boutique selling little girls clothing, partly as a way to remember her mother who died two years ago.

“Nana Belle was a name my mother used to call me. When I was a little girl, I used to play dress up. I had such an odd sense of style that she would call me Nana Belle,” Rose said.

“When she passed away, I started reminiscing and remembered when she used to call me Nana Belle,” Rose said.

As Rose watched her own little girl play dress up, she had the idea to create a clothing brand that celebrated the fun and creativity of playing dress up and naming it Nana Belle to honor her mother.

Rose has been selling the Nana Belle clothing online since 2016. In November, she will get a store of her own.

She is the winner of Stony Point Fashion Park’s pop-up contest. This is the second year for the contest, which awards an entrepreneur store space and utilities for six months.

Rose also will receive a certificate from Keith Fabry sign and display company to use for interior signage, graphic design services and table displays.

Running a clothing business is a shift for Rose, who worked in healthcare administration for 15 years before leaving that behind about a year ago to work full time on Nana Belle.

“I love it. I absolutely love it,” she said.

Nana Belle Boutique opens Nov. 1 next to the Brooks Brothers store in Stony Point.

“I want to give little girls something that you won’t find in other stores,” Rose said. Items include frilly fairy dresses, lavender sparkles skirts and jeweled hair decorations.

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